None against: the state Duma voted for mishustina, the President signed a decree

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the decree about appointment to the post of Chairman of the government Michael mishustina. The text of the document published on the Kremlin website. The decree comes into force from the moment of its signing.

Informed candidate mishustina approved in the state Duma, voted 383 MP is 85 per cent of the membership of the lower house of Parliament.

As noted after the vote, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, first in approving the candidate for Prime Minister, no Deputy voted against were only those who abstained.

According to Volodin, Putin proposed the candidacy of the head of the government brought together all in the hope that the new Cabinet will achieve the President’s goal to improve the lives of citizens and increase economic growth.

“And even those who had been against it, today, give a chance to the future Chairman of the government in the implementation of these issues. Such yet was not” — he said, reports RIA Novosti.

Sam Michael Mishustin has promised that clarity about the new government’s composition will appear in the coming days.

“We consulted with all factions. I think as soon as it appears, we say” — promised the new Prime Minister.

the Previous government of Russia under the leadership of Dmitry Medvedev resigned on 15 January after the President annual address to the Federal Assembly. The head of state asked the Cabinet to fully perform the duties until the formation of a new government.