Bearded or clean-shaven? Named as a factor that affects women's choices

Bearded or clean-shaven? Scientists have been wondering what kind of men attract women and, most importantly, what is the reason of their choice.

Not long ago, researchers of evolutionary dynamics of populations have concluded that the choice of women is affected by fashion, and in a paradoxical way. So when the facial hair is a rare phenomenon, beard or stubble make men more attractive, and Vice versa.

In the new work anthropologists and behavioral psychologists from the University of Queensland has identified another factor that affects women’s preferences.

the Team interviewed 919 women aged 18 to 70 years – singles, Dating a man and living in a defacto or married.

Participants showed photos of 30 male individuals (with a beard or clean-shaven) and were asked to rate the attractiveness of men with regard to short-and long-term relationships on a scale from zero to one hundred.

it is Important to note that different images of the faces of the same men were previously corrected: they gave more feminine or more masculine traits (e.g., prominent brow, wide cheekbones, deep-set eyes).

the Example photo used by scientists.Photo Royal Society Open Science/translating “News.Science”.

the Survey showed that men with masculine features and a beard women in General find most attractive for both short and long-term relationships (and especially in the second case).

the thing is that the bearded men seem more physically strong and socially dominant, according to experts.

According to them, facial hair can highlight the “reference” masculine traits (e.g., large lower jaw) and to divert attention from the shortcomings.

However, single women who would like to have children, often prefer clean-shaven faces.

But even lumapitit more.

in Addition to photos of men participants were also shown pictures of various ectoparasites – ticks, bedbugs and lice. Women were asked how disgusting they find these parasites, they cause fear.

it Turned out that women who are experiencing the greatest hostility to the ectoparasites, often considered more attractive clean-shaven men.

According to senior author of the study Barnaby Dixon (Barnaby Dixson), aversion to parasites that live on the skin and can hide in the thick hair, discourages women from bearded.

“This may be due to the strengthening of cultural trends among men and women for hair removal on different parts of the body including the face, chest, arms, legs, and pubic area”, – said the anthropologist.

According to Dixon, this study confirms the so-called hypothesis of evasion from ectoparasites. It suggests that the absence of hair in humans – a protective feature that has evolved (at least partly) in response to the abundance of parasites that carry various diseases.

it is believed that our ancestors lost a lot of hair on the body, as women avoided excessive hairy men to reduce the risk of infection by parasites. In other words, no thick hairline may be the result of sexual selection.

However, there are other factors (socio-economic, socio-cultural and other) that could affect the choice of the women, conclude the authors of the articles presented in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

by the Way, before “Conduct.Science” ( reported that in a man’s beard contains more germs than dog hair.

on the other hand, the facial hair not only makes a man attractive, but may save his life.

Text: To.Science