Novokuznetsk killer escaped justice

on Wednesday, January 22, Ordzhonikidze district of Novokuznetsk court ruled on loud criminal case about the murder of 17-year-old College student, committed in April last year. The results of the examination the offender is sent for compulsory treatment in a psychiatric clinic closed.

Then the victim of the attack was the first year student Novokuznetsk mining College. Killer Yuri loshkariov in the past also was a student of this school, but was expelled for bad behavior, reminiscent of the GTRK “Kuzbass”.

Shortly after committing the crime perpetrators of the attack were detained, he had seized several guns. The young man said that he collects weapons, and the motive is explained by the fact that he wanted to take revenge on a former classmate who allegedly humiliated him, but mistook the offender. Later, the suspect in the murder said that that day was drunk and had consumed “some pills”, which awakened in him the aggression, and he wanted “to kill someone”.

As shown by examination, have a shot at the head of his victim, the attacker has mental health problems at the time of the crime he didn’t report his actions.

In accordance with the decision of the court, 19-year-old murderer exempted from criminal liability and directed on compulsory treatment in psychiatric hospital of the closed type.