NPR: Secretary of state Pompeo staged obscene dressing down the journalist for the questions about Ukraine

National Public Radio reported that U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo told the radio journalist Mary Louise Kelly because she overly aggressively sought responses regarding the dismissal Marie Yovanovitch from the post of American Ambassador to Ukraine.

According to the journalist, the Secretary of state refused to answer her questions about the circumstances of the dismissal Jovanovic, explaining this discrepancy is the topic of conversation. Supposedly, the main discussion was based around issues of Iran. But Kelly denies that the conversation was limited to one subject, reports TASS.

the Journalist was interested in one question – how does the Secretary of state tried to defend the personnel diplomat, Yovanovitch as Ambassador to Ukraine for President trump. According to Kelly, “the interview was completed immediately after the questions about Ukraine.”

the Journalist said that Pompeo was “up, pinning her gaze for a few seconds then went out.” Then she was asked to go for Secretary of state in another place without a voice recorder, where, according to Kelly, “was yelling at me about the same as before this last interview”, with using obscene language.

during this “communication” Pompeo asked the question, does Kelly, that the Americans have any business to Ukraine and whether it can find on the map of the location of that state. After the journalist showed correctly on the map Ukraine, us Secretary of state turned around and said that he was doing.