On Sakhalin island are using drones to check services utilities

For the purity of the yards on Sakhalin now keeps track of the quadcopter. He flies over the streets and videotapes the work of public utilities, and even can detect unauthorized dumps. As such surveillance took utility workers?

One touch of a button and the drone intrudes into the service. Today his task is to show how utilities in Tomari struggling with sleet. It is enough thirty minutes.

Under the supervision of “big brother” of the local utility immediately began to work better. To fake will not work, the result of the test at any time.

“the drone helps us to identify illegal dumps, what and where we missed. A huge responsibility to our residents, as we are clearing and maintenance of roads”, — says Natalya Zaikina, Director MUP “the Accomplishment”.

the Drone is still not the property of the district administration, the technique took for a test drive. Now plans to buy its own drone. It will be useful not only for the needs of utilities. With his help, will monitor ice conditions in winter and forest fires in the summer.

“Now we have Tomari under such scheduling and subsequently we plan to do the same in our large villages, Il and the Krasnogorsk”, — says the mayor of Tomari urban district Alexander Kobelev.

the drone has one obstacle: the weather. They can be used only in light winds. Each meter per second, reduces time of flight, and precipitation can and does cause the cancellation of the flight.

If the weather conditions are far from ideal, to help control the clearing of the city and the garbage can and the residents themselves. It’s enough to call in a single duty dispatching service and tell them about the problem, and experts have direct responsible for her decisions.