Orenburg and Irkutsk in the lead for the attendance of the shopping center after the isolation

the Orenburg and Irkutsk became the leaders of attendance of shopping centers, has resumed work after lifting the restrictive measures, estimated by the it company “Motor”, the operator of online banks in Russia.

Among the leaders to restore the flow of customers in shopping malls ― Orenburg (68% of the average pre-crisis of the week) and Irkutsk (66%) according to data for week 1-7 June after resume shopping centres. In Ufa the number of visitors has doubled and the flow has reached 56% of the average pre-crisis rate.

Flow of customers in shopping centers of Moscow during the first week of work after the opening from 1 to 7 June had tripled compared with the previous week and made up 44% from pre-crisis.

But while the Mall’s visitors are in no hurry to spend a lot, so the recovery in revenues to pre-crisis levels will have to wait until the end of the year or more. In some regions, in shopping malls while are only grocery stores, hypermarkets, pet shops and pharmacies and some of the shopping center and is fully closed. Empty while shopping malls of Kazan (18%), Krasnodar (20%) and St. Petersburg (22%). In Nizhny Novgorod continues the digital gaps, which affected the traffic of the shopping center (20% from pre-crisis levels).