Payments, drugs, the fight against the coronavirus: the President talked to the doctors

Vladimir Putin met with workers on the eve of their professional holiday.

connected with the head of state — the luminaries of Russian medicine, heads of major hospitals and doctors. Here the physician of the Nizhny Novgorod hospital contacted directly from the registry, which at that time does not stop the reception of patients. The epidemic is receding, but the risks and burden on physicians continues to be high.

“I Think it needed another two months, namely July and August, to retain all of the Federal and regional payments allowances for medical workers who continue to work with patients with coronavirus. And another suggestion: all additional payments to the salary needs to be charged when calculating holiday pay for health workers regardless of when during the year the specialist goes on vacation,” — said Vladimir Putin.

For more than 15 thousand students who worked in kovenig hospitals, the President proposed to provide benefits and preferences in future studies. Yesterday’s interns spouses Dmitriev, an endocrinologist and a cardiologist, working in Mariinskaya hospital of St. Petersburg, at the time of the pandemic reshaped in infectious diseases. Yourself ill with the coronavirus, recovered and continued to work.

the First in the country, not everyone knows that, with the epidemic faced in the Tyumen region. Coronavirus had brought Chinese citizen fresh from Wuhan. There emerged the first hospital-the Observatory, where worked on and the first heavy patients.

“a miracle that the people who worked, showed their best qualities,” — said Natalia Shen, anesthesiology-resuscitation service of the Tyumen hospital №1.

“You are first faced with this, but the first experience is received and created a good situation there, it is a professional environment, which is not allowed to spread this virus as it might be, and the way it’s happened in some other countries. So all in all worked with the sign of qualityVA,” — said the head of state.

Soon all over the country began to appear Observatory based at existing hospitals or newly built. In Moscow has been deployed the most impressive bed Fund.

“We have agreed with the mayor Sobyanin that the additional beds that are created, you to close them while in Moscow will not. But re-profiled medical institution can be returned to normal operation. With regard to additional places, they must be in the stock, even if in the near future will not be needed. Just in case. In the autumn of the current year or for the future,” Putin said.

To a normal life back regions, most have begun to lift restrictions. Perhaps the whole of Russia is waiting for when it will happen, finally, in the Kuban and in the Crimea. In connection with Putin — the children’s doctor of the Crimean sanatorium “Eaglet” Natalia Shelep.

“When you let go of all Russian citizens in the Crimea?” – asked Putin

“Allowed only from July 1,” said Selena.

In some regions, the epidemic has exposed long-standing problems. In Transbaikalia there is a wooden hospital that need repair. Doctors are asking the new building for the children’s regional hospital, the oldest was 96 years. Pskov region lacks the infectious diseases clinic.

“We’d like to refer specifically to the Ministry of defence to support us in the construction of infectious hospital, so this year has to be prepared in case of the second wave of the pandemic has to meet her within the walls of a hospital for infectious diseases”, — said Anastasia Povtoreiko, physician pulmonologist, Deputy chief physician of the Pskov city hospital.

“Pskov oblast is a certain Outpost on the territory of the Russian Federation, it is on the Western border. And I think it’s important here to support colleagues”, — said Tatyana Golikova, the Deputy Prime Minister.

“Good. As for the Ministry of defense, a team the Minister will get BUcwalina today. However, I ask you to submit your proposals in writing,” said Vladimir Putin.

the Ministry of defense now has a huge experience in the construction equipped hospitals in the shortest possible time, transporting field hospitals in the infections. When in Dagestan lacked equipment, drugs, doctors, there were military physicians, and General aid came from all over the country.

“unfortunately, traditions and customs that helped the highlanders for centuries to survive, in the case of coronavirus was the rapid spread of the epidemic”, — said the chief doctor of the Republican center of infectious diseases and AIDS name Magomedov.

“it So happened that this infection is “used” by these traditions. But we will build on these traditions. As for the difficult moments in the life of the Dagestani people, I would like to say that Dagestan is entitled to expect the support of the entire country,” Putin said.

the flagship of the emergency and urgent care Institute Sklifosovsky part of the buildings was converted into patients with coronavirus, treated very critically ill patients. Here is the parallel and scientific work.

“Let’s hope that soon the vaccine will appear. In the near future. It is very important that we have drugs. I see in the estimates, probably the best in the world now the quality of application, frequency. It’s pretty cool, it speaks to the high level of our science, which is involved in this field”, — said the President.

the Russian vaccine is undergoing clinical trials, and powerful anti-viral drugs are already available. This is also part of Russian medicine, which was faced with the same challenges as the rest of the world.

“the Global experience with the epidemic has shown how important it is to the national health service worked as a system, from ambulance services to the leading hospitals. Due to the fact that in Russia such a system is and you, your colleagues acted as one, gathered all the forces in a fist. We made the terrible epidemic to recede. Yes, still a lot of work. But still did not allow critical growth, mortality and disruptions of the present paralysis in the work of medical institutions, as it unfortunately happened in some other places abroad,” Putin said.

during a pandemic military terminology came into use. Doctors and commit the deed, and fighting on the frontlines. Logical creation for them special awards. Putin signed a decree establishing the order of Pirogov and medals Luke of Crimea the doctor, the Saint and the ascetic. The President talked about the heroism, that health workers battling virus, but now on the eve of the professional holiday said it to them personally.

“We are really proud of, I admire your behavior, your professional feat. He helped each of us more fully to realize, to experience the true value of life and importance of the cause to which you dedicated your life. We love you and appreciate and will support”, — said the head of state.

the First will reward those who fought with the coronavirus, but it’s recognition for everybody who saves lives. Transplant surgeons continued to operate, and in the period of the pandemic, we performed some scheduled direct even patients with COVID-19.

the Minister of health of Michael Murashko out with Putin from the Volgograd region, from the newly open branch of the National center of Transplantology and artificial organs.

“We to the day of the doctor thanks to the common efforts received a very nice gift. I say “we”, referring to those doctors and those professionals who are dealing with the transplantation of organs”, — said Sergey Gaultier, academician of RAS, Director of the SMRC transplantation.

“the area in which you are engaged, is not just any delight, but at least the surprise. I’ve only once seen live, how is the work on the heart in the TCIrytom. This is not for the faint-hearted,” said Vladimir Putin.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, it is our daily practice. We can show you more”, — said Sergey Gautier.

what faced the country in recent months, it is necessary to use as a springboard for a breakthrough in Russian medicine, which still, the President says, a lot of problems.

“First of all will seriously improve the condition of primary care: rural health posts, polyclinics, hospitals, ambulance services and emergency medical care. To strengthen their cadre. To increase the availability of modern diagnosis of diseases. And, of course, to provide a wide digitalization, the use of artificial intelligence technologies in work of medical institutions at all levels,” — said the head of state.

the Program of modernization of primary care medicine will operate again in full force from January 1.