Pelagia will sue the hockey player by Telegina for country house

At the end of last year it became known about divorce of the singer Pelageya and hockey player Ivan Telegin. They were together three years, in this marriage a daughter was born, but recently a couple (according to some, because of the treachery of Ivan) and I broke up.

at First, Pelagia said that all property issues have them solved – she is a daughter and the Moscow apartment, and his country mansion.

She also hoped that he would maintain good relations with the father of her daughter.

now, However, it turned out that John, according to family lawyer of the singer, takes no part in the life of my daughter and not even pay child support, writes the edition “StarHit”.

as a result, it was decided to resolve the issue of division of property – country houses – through the courts, because an apartment in Moscow Pelagia bought with the money mom, but the four-storey mansion in the suburbs, the couple had once bought together. In addition, the singer has invested a lot of money on its construction.

Her lawyers hope that the division of property is fair to resolve the issues in the pretrial order for the former spouse failed.