the Kremlin has prepared an album to mark the anniversary — December 31, 1999 Vladimir Putin became acting President of Russia. To mark the 20th anniversary of this event in the Internet has posted historical photos and video footage of the head of state. While on the website materials are available up to and including 2004, later will appear in the coming weeks. What would you remember 2001?

Archive for the year 2001. It was the year when Vladimir Putin had a chance to discuss major international issues with the leaders of the leading countries in the world and at the same time deeper in the internal Affairs of Russia.

and February 2001, Tomsk. The head of state holds meeting on issues of housing and communal complex. Entrusted to the government by April to prepare a programme of modernisation, Vladimir Putin went to the city. Talked to people about prices for food, congratulated the newlyweds with a wedding, and a visit from a local resident. The topic of upgrading the housing sector, the President and officials continued to be discussed in Omsk, where Putin went on the train.

In may, a terrible flood in Yakutia. Almost completely destroyed the city of Lensk. About the troubles people were able to tell the President. Vladimir Putin again visited Yakutia in October to see the restored areas of Lensk.

Numerous negotiations with world leaders showed Vladimir Putin welcoming host, and the Protocol does not mean that the meeting will be boring. French President Jacques Chirac during his visit to St. Petersburg together with the Russian colleague just walked around the city and visited Philharmonic, but still drank beer at the beach and go fishing.

in September 2001, the state visit of the President of Russia to Germany. Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Vladimir Putin spoke about the fight against international terrorism. From Berlin the Russian leader went to Dresden. Ending the state visit memorable dinner and walk around the city, which is so familiar to Vladimir Putin.

In 2001, the internationalth terrorism was a threat that United the world. After the attack on new York and Washington of 11 September the President of Russia expressed deep condolences to the American people.

“Russia knows firsthand what terrorism is. So we can best understand the feelings of the American people. Speaking on behalf of Russia to the American people, I want to say that we are with you. We entirely and fully share and feel your pain”, — said Vladimir Putin.

a Few months earlier, in June 2001, Vladimir Putin met with U.S. President George W. Bush. The leaders discussed a range of bilateral and international issues, including the issues of strategic stability. Even then, Washington said about the possibility of creating a national missile defence.

Negotiations continued in November, when Vladimir Putin paid a visit to Washington.

And these shots done in Texas, where the head of the White house, invited the President of Russia. The Russian leader upon return asked how he was to spend the night at the ranch of the US President.

“I was not very excited about the fact that spent the night in the country with Bush. I think he needs to think about what happens if he was hosting a former Soviet foreign intelligence,” he joked when Vladimir Putin.

This impression of Vladimir Putin shared in the first “Straight line”. The pilot aired lasted only 2 hours and 20 minutes. And in the same year appeared another, the now world-famous form of communication: real-time the Russian leader was answering questions of Internet users and employees of the Internet edition. Today, we know this format as a Big press conference of the President of Russia.