Putin called the launch date of the new Collider in Dubna

the ceremony of awarding the President’s prize in science and innovation for young scientists for the year 2020, the President of Russia called the date of launch of the NICA Collider in Dubna and setup of SKIF in Novosibirsk. He said that NICA in the suburbs, will work until the end of 2022. And by the end of 2023 should start the installation, combining the capabilities of synchrotron radiation sources and free electron laser, said Vladimir Putin.

Putin said that Russia faces enormous challenges. New research unit will allow Russian scientists to conduct unique research in the field of selhozhozyaystva, to develop new drugs and new materials, as well as to seek technological breakthrough critical for Russia’s development directions. The state will continue to develop the technical foundations of the Russian universities and scientific organizations, the infrastructure for research.

In the framework of the national project “Science” for these purposes, said Vladimir Putin at the awards ceremony in the Kremlin, which was broadcasted by the channel “Russia 24”, allocated 220 billion rubles. Putin described these funds as significant.