Putin has asked Kudrin to control the execution of national projects

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin to monitor the performance of national projects in the country.

“I very much hope that, as we agreed, the chamber will engage more and control over execution of national projects”, — said the head of state during a meeting with Kudrin, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”.

the President acknowledged that this topic often causes controversy with the government and with experts. However, according to Vladimir Putin, is a natural process, without which it is impossible to find the right solution. In the answer Alexey Kudrin has promised to continue working on developing a system of proposals to improve the financial system.

the Russian accounts chamber today marks 25 years. The President also conveyed greetings to all the staff of the organization.

Earlier Alexey Kudrin in interview to RIA Novosti told about the extent of corruption. According to him, annually from the Federal budget to steal about 2-3 billion rubles. In General, the total amount of financial violations in the country amounts to hundreds of billions of rubles.