Putin: it is necessary to take new measures to support citizens and the economy

Vladimir Putin during the meeting for implementation of the adopted measures to support the economy and social sphere asked the Russian popular front (onf) to monitor the effectiveness of measures to support the economy and citizens.

among the main directions of Putin singled out the victims of the pandemic coronavirus industries and enterprises, and individual citizens and to families with children.

Putin said that ahead of a difficult phase of economic recovery, and it is therefore necessary to adjust and adjust decisions already taken, to take into account the experience of implementation in the development of new measures to support citizens and the economy.

“In this connection let me remind you that the period of validity of a number of measures that we previously provided, of July 1, expire. You need to weigh, estimate in the near future to decide on what action, whether they are necessary, and, if necessary, what it is advisable to extend the new solution to use further in development of their programs,” — said Putin.

Putin cited the example of the situation of working pensioners, when people age 65+ should stay home, but in many regions while at work these people are not invited. The President urged the government to submit proposals on further support measures.

overall, the Russian President believes that the work on the implementation of measures to support the economy and citizens is quite rhythmically. However, it is necessary not to forget about the long-term plans and strategic economic development objectives of the country, said Vladimir Putin at a meeting on support of economy and social sphere.

Putin believes that the economy should recover with the new quality, to ensure the high dynamics of development. The long-term agenda, the President promised to discuss separately, as with the new strategy will work to the budget priorities for the next three years.

the Head of state urged to be proactive and make decisions to support citizens and the economy in a timely manner, without technical failures.