Putin supported the idea of renaming streets and made promises to veterans

At the meeting with participants of the all-Russian action of mutual aid “together” the President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the idea of a volunteer from Dagestan, Gadzhi Shakhnazarov called the streets of Russian cities in honor of the medics who fought against the pandemic coronavirus. “Good idea,” agreed Putin.

In the video conference, Putin asked the great Patriotic war veteran, 98-year-old Zinaida Korneva, who told us how she was able to organize a fundraiser to help the families of the victims of coronavirus doctors. Managed to collect 4.5 million rubles to 143 families, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”.

Another concern veteran — the construction of the rehabilitation center “Heart”, “for children with disabilities, working with the horses”. She said that not enough 10 million rubles. The President promised that the government will help to build a rehabilitation center for children.

from Saint-Petersburg published a veteran of the great Patriotic war, the inhabitant of blockade Leningrad, honored master of sports of the USSR, world record holder in acrobatics Igor Vinogradov. This year he turned 91, he works as a trainer on a voluntary basis.

“we Have no sports hall, trampolining, simple, sizes 10 to 20, a model school room. Our girls — Champions of Russia, successfully participate in international competitions. I have a big request to you — help us”, — said Vinogradov.

“the Trampoline will be, I promise,” replied the President. “But you are only on the trampoline don’t show them anything, do not need to have. Okay? Let the girls jumping”, — said Putin. Vinogradov thanked the President.