Railway connections to Murmansk restored after the collapse of the bridge through Kolu

the Evening of 19 June, running a backup of a railway which was built to bypass the collapsed June 1 of a bridge across the Cola. The new section of road is 5 kilometers 700 meters of the road. The first train in the emergency detour bridge over the river proceeded from the station Output to the station Murmashi.

the diversion washed away by flood of a bridge over a Coke near Murmansk launched four days earlier than planned, said the head of the Oktyabrskaya railway Victor Golomolzin. To restore the collapsed bridge is planned for October 2020, notes TASS.

in the meantime, on a temporary branch, traffic was launched 16 pairs of freight trains and two passenger per day.

During the construction of a workaround after blasting was removed 52 thousand cubic meters of rock, it paved the way under 120 cubic meters of soil.