Removal of restrictions: masono-glove mode still remains

In Moscow removed a large number of constraints. At the same time, many are concerned about: whether to continue to wear mask and gloves?

On the official website of the Moscow mayor stated that citizens should remember about compliance with social distance. In addition, the force remains masono-glove mode. It is noted that restrictions may resume if the deterioration of the epidemiological situation.

the decree of mayor of the capital from June 8 as not a word about the abolition of personal protective equipment. This means that residents are still required to wear in public places, masks and gloves.

In turn, the representative of the world health organization in Russia, Melita Vujnović drew attention to the fact that citizens are advised to continue wearing protective equipment in public areas. According to him, though the mask and are not an absolute guarantee of security, they will still help to reduce the risk of infection by coronavirus, reports TASS.

Previously, Dr. Alexander Myasnikov spoke about the assistance. According to him, the mask does not guarantee full security, but only creates the illusion of, in connection with which the citizens neglect the precautions.