Residents of Krasnoyarsk Krai became participants of the marathon donor

Inhabitants of Krasnoyarsk region became the participants of the donors ‘ marathon. The first stage took place in April. More than 150 people passed in three days about 45 liters of blood.

As reported STRC “Krasnoyarsk”, this time you can donate blood from 8 to 15 June. All donors are obliged to observe sanitary-epidemiological measures. Each of the input check the temperature. People need to be masked, treat the hands with an antiseptic.

every day for about two hundred packages with the donor material of the Krasnoyarsk regional blood center receive various medical organizations. One of the most valuable components — platelets help to stop bleeding. To take for the future is impossible, the cells are viable only a few days. So the production is going according to filings.

the Volunteers after blood donation award Russian flag, and a badge with the number of blood group and RH factor. Give gifts as a token of gratitude for participating in such an important matter young representatives of the Russian popular front.

Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”