Russia has lowered the threshold for duty-free purchases abroad

today come into force the law, according to which the threshold value for the duty-free foreign online purchases is reduced to 200 euros, and weight limit — up to 31 kg.

the New rules will operate in the entire Eurasian economic Union, which includes Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, RIA Novosti reported.

In Russia, the limits do not apply to the aggregate amount of parcels per month, and on one parcel. This means that the buyer can obtain duty-free several packages of goods of 200 € each.

When you order goods worth more than 200 euros or weighing more than 31 kg, you will need to pay a fee in the amount of 15% of the cost, but not less than 2 euros per 1 kg. And if you just will have exceeded the weight and value of the package will pay the greatest toll of the two.

the Volume of Internet trade is growing. If in 2011, the customs had processed about 11 million parcels, then in 2018 this figure exceeded 348 million. For ten months of 2019 issued nearly 300 million packages.