Russian military received 18 thousand

Russia’s Armed forces received in 2019 18 thousand sets of equipment future soldier Ratnik. Therefore the state defense contract was fully implemented, the Agency told RIA Novosti in the press service of the state Corporation “rostec”.

it is Noted that “Warrior” is completed, depending on the military specialty of the soldier. There are modifications for the commander, shooter, sniper, gunner, crew military equipment.

Earlier, the press service of the Western military district reported that 80% of men ZVO already equipped with “Warriors”.

the Russian outfit soldier of the future consists of five systems: life support, energy supply, control and communication, destruction, protection. For example, the body of the soldier shields against bullets and shrapnel body armor, a helmet of ballistic fabric, knee pads, elbow pads and goggles.

the set of “Warrior” includes reconnaissance devices: thermal imaging devices, night vision, navigation and positioning systems, so the commander always knew where each fighter.