Russian scientists have picked up the key to COVID-19

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

the spread of the coronavirus in Russia under control. The overall situation in the country stabilized, and in the coming weeks can be expected that the incidence will decline. On 5 June, the world health organization announced that the epidemic of coronavirus in Russia has reached a plateau.

“Russia currently shows a plateau. However, as in many others, a large number of cases. Of course, it is important to observe all safety measures. Russia makes a huge amount of tests, which is great. And that’s one of the reasons why the identified cases of infection,” said Margaret Harris, a spokesman for who.

national statistics are also in favor of the fact that Russia has reached a plateau. For three weeks the daily increase of detected cases of “walking” is pretty consistently around 9 thousand people. The increase in percent — about two. But a growing number recovered. They are already 213 thousand — 47 percent of all identified cases.

the fight against the coronavirus was discussed at a meeting of the Russian security Council.

“the situation in the whole country stabiliziruemost, improving, but need to constantly and carefully monitor the situation in each region and quickly, to respond immediately to the changing situation. In this regard, I would like to draw attention to the growing number of cases in Zabaykalsky Krai: the dynamics of there is difficult, and you need as quickly as possible to help the region”, — said Vladimir Putin.

Solved by forces of the Ministry of defense is lightning fast to deploy in Transbaikalia the hospital, as was done in the shortest possible time in 16 regions of the country and recently in Dagestan. And yet in the majority of subjects, the epidemiological situation is corrected. More than half of Russian regions have begun a phased removal of restrictions and gradually return to normal life.

Now, looking back, it is important to understand what stage we have passed and how arrazom. First, with dignity. In contrast, for example, from America, that demonstrated a complete administrative chaos, when the White house decides one thing, the governors of the States of another, and the press – the third. What kind of efficiency?.. In the Russian presidential center acted quickly, initiative and proactive. The job of government and the responsibility of the regions were formulated clearly, and the execution by Putin to be rescanned.

the Chief was determined to fight for every human life in each region. In the end, of course, not without loss, but overall the result is much better than even the richest countries in the world. And in the readout as mortality from COVID-19, and in the economy. Inflation in Russia remained in a healthy range, and unemployment for four months of this year, we have less than 6%, while in the United States rose to almost 15%.

But the struggle is still long. While many patients and doctors are fighting for their lives. Scientists are working to develop medicines and vaccines. Here success is. The Ministry of health of Russia registered the first drug from the coronavirus. Much of the credit here the direct investment Fund.

“in the Beginning there were no medicines to combat the coronavirus, and we focused on finding the most effective drugs that would help our doctors to protect the citizens. In conjunction with the company “Chemrar” we are on equal basis in record time created a company that began to produce “Avidavit”. It is a drug that inhibits the replication of the virus. The Ministry of health has registered this drug,” — said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of Russian direct investment Fund.

“One of the two, was in the world,” — said Vladimir Putin.

As tests vaccines and drugs for the treatment of coronavirus, as is the rehabilitation of the ill and how the Russian healthcare system is returned to the usual pattern of work?

Author: Elena Erofeeva

Russia was the first drug from the coronavirus. Started clinical testTania vaccine on volunteers. Morbidity is not the same as a month ago, is reduced. Covenyi hospitals are gradually returning to darowizny life. And it’s all for a hundred days since then, as in Russia came SarsCov-2.

Recommendations of the Ministry of health how to treat coronavirus, go for the seventh edition. They are at the National center for infectious diseases. The first Russian clinicians offer to assign “Aviewer” — a new drug that kills the virus.

“It is a enzyme that reproduce the virus that allows the virus to copy its genome. And thanks to the action of this enzyme, the formation of new viral particles. And if we block this protein, this enzyme, the virus ceases to replicate,” explained Vladimir closets, Deputy Director of the National research medical center of tuberculosis and infectious diseases of the Ministry of health.

makes the drug a pharmaceutical company Chemrar, its factory is located in the suburbs. The basis of the drug — molecule “of Favipiravir”. It was invented by the Japanese more than 20 years ago for the treatment of influenza. Russian scientists formula to get it to work against COVID-19.

Every new drug is preclinical and clinical trials. This is the stage when tablets are given to patients directly in the hospital. Participate in the study, only volunteers. Them advance warning that the drug’s effectiveness is not yet proved.

the Clinic, “Favipiravir” takes place in the clinic sechenovskiy University. 60 people with proven COVID-19 take medication daily. One give study drug, and the other of the standard antiviral treatment regimens.

– was it Scary?

“No,” said Raisa Xiping village, one of the volunteers. — What’s scary? Worse than death what can be? So that we suffered with this “crown”, any tablet is better than none. I was very ill. Here I arrived on the second or third day I felt better.

the Effect of the new medication comes in two times faster. These are the results of the first phase of clinical studies — they will continue. On the tenth day of the human body from the virus is not a trace remains.

“If we are talking about the standard pattern has been cases of worsening of disease and transfer of patients in the ICU. On this drug we didn’t have a serious weighting of the patient’s condition which would require some emergency treatment”, — said Elena Smolyarchuk, head of the Center clinical study of drugs sechenovskiy University.

In other countries hesitated: too fast Russia was able to create an effective remedy against coronavirus. But the drug is considered quite new it is impossible. Its safety and effectiveness has been proven by the Japanese. Our scientists only picked up the key to COVID-19.

“For the original drug clinical studies can reach two or three or even more years when he is completely original and involving hundreds and sometimes thousands of patients. In this situation, this is not required, and for most drugs it can be a few hundred people, which at the current pandemic situation, you can dial fast enough,” said Vadim Tarasov, Director of the Institute for translational medicine and biotechnology sechenovskiy University.

On the basis of “Favipiravir” in Russia, created one medication, “Replevin”. Its development involved pharmacists on the enterprise Saransk “the Biochemist”. Synthesizing a molecule, they have actually created a drug from scratch. The company’s antibiotics are already included in the treatment regimen COVID-19.

“We urgently redeveloped product range, working in three shifts. In minimum short time has developed a technology of this drug. Now carry out clinical research” — markAtila Tatyana Lysova, Deputy Executive Director of JSC “Biochemist”.

“Replevin” experience in the hospitals of Mordovia, Ryazan, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Documents on registration. As soon as the Ministry of health will approve the drug, the pill rolled up into blisters will be Packed in boxes and sent to covenyi hospitals of the country. Can be taken only on prescription and only in a hospital.

“Gradually it became clear that the majority of patients in whom the disease is not heavy, to cope with the infection themselves. And those patients who suffer seriously in need of suppression of the incorrect immune response of the patient. And now focus world attention shifted from antiviral drugs for anti-inflammatory drugs”, — said Mikhail Sayanov, head of pulmonology Department, research SSC center named after them. A. I. Burnazyan of FMBA of Russia.

In Almazovskaya the center is now exploring “Levelmap”. It was the second drug for the treatment COVID-19. It is prescribed to patients with severe course of the disease, to prevent the development of cytokine storm when the immune system destroys healthy cells.

“the Drug blocks interleukin 6, its negative impact and damaging effect on different tissues and organs. We hope that the drug will reduce mortality in coronavirus infection, the incidence of complications and respiratory failure and other serious complications, including cardiac complications, in particular myocardial damage”, — said Olga Moiseeva, Director of the Institute of heart and vessels — the main scientific employee of NIO nacionalnih heart disease Almazovskaya center.

the Drug Russian pharmaceutical industry is not new. Clinical testing began in 2016 and in patients with rheumatoid arthritis. A property “Lamolinara” to suppress excessive immune response was appropriate and when COVID-19. It has been proven in practice.

patients sechenovskiy University testing drugs, the students will experience the vaccine. The case is voluntary. 18 people selected by medical examination, go to the boarding house Zvenigorod. Two weeks in complete isolation, under the supervision of physicians.

“I Want to help find a vaccine so quickly we handled the situation. There are risks, but they are justified, if we do all this to explore. We are happy to help,” said one of the students sechenovskiy University. After vaccination they will spend a month in the hospital — it would be watched.

In tests of antidotes from the coronavirus involved and the military. For the experiment, the Ministry of defence has allocated a separate medical corps. That office is involved in the development of a vaccine that was known in April.

Over this vector vaccine experts of the 48th Central research Institute of the Ministry of defence worked together with scientists of the Institute for Gamalei. It was created based on DNA, adenovirus, in which the integrated gene of SARS-Cov-2. This type of virus is used as a container to deliver the cells of the human coronavirus gene, that is to acquaint the immune system with a possible enemy.

“Is this vaccine safe and how well tolerated it is? And the second very important point: how the body from the vaccine can develop protective levels of antibodies against the novel coronavirus infection? To these questions we have to answer,” said Yevgeny Kryukov, the head of the Main military clinical hospital named after academician N. N. Burdenko.

the experiment involved 50 military. Carry out tests on soldiers, therefore, only contractors. Among them there are doctors. They understand better than anyone the risks. But willing to risk for the health of millions of people. In Russia today, 9 vaccines, is already approaching clinical trials.

“Five months have passed since the beginning of the epidemic, and we have already developed vaccine. Why? Because they developeddevelop on the basis of already existing technologies. And these technologies are used as bricks for a new vaccine to create. Took those developments that already have got the latest information that is needed about the structure of virus proteins which have the virus, and created vaccine candidates that can work,” said Vladimir closets.

the Transition period from not waited to what lived. National center of cardiology on reception davidnyc patients — only on the Bank statement.

“Another month and a half ago no one knew what awaits us and what will the scale of the epidemic, it could only speculate. And benefit that the development went on more of a soft way,” said Milko Oleg, chief doctor of the IKK named after A. L. Myasnikov fsbi “SMRC cardiology” Russian Ministry of health.

Oleg Milko we rise in the eighth ward. Patients gone, but the virus still lives here will soon begin the disinfection.

that All changed in early April, when the cardiac center was stopped for elective surgery. Will carry out only emergency patients, infected by COVID. Two months of cardiac surgery done 12 operations. In ordinary life they do 120 in a week, but in other circumstances.

“we brought patients in whom suspected acute coronary syndrome. In such clothes, doctors sometimes it was difficult. But done, right, the longest operation is 4 hours,” — says Milko.

They are now in protective suits, so that individuals do not disassemble.

On April 14 — the first day of life in a new way — a cardiologist Tatiana Alekseeva fell day tour. First learned to breathe — it was the most difficult — and get used to the new suits.

“can’t imagine now, how it all survived. It all started very scary. Somewhere in the 11 hours, the mass flow, just non-stop. Dream the most, no matter how trivial, to sleep. And the second dream — to wear a white coat. To go back to what we seek. To work the way we worked,” admitted Tatiana Alekseeva, doctor-cardiologist of the IKK named after A. L. Myasnikov fsbi “SMRC cardiology” Russian Ministry of health.

From routine medicine jumped in an emergency. Offices were filled rapidly, 50 people a day. And not only the heart, cardiologists have treated viral pneumonia.

two months here have treated 750 people. Today there are 38. They are trained to discharge. Heavy will be transferred to other hospitals. July 1 will be here again to accept patients with heart disease.

the heart Monitor in standby mode, but heavy patients with coronavirus infection in the intensive care unit are no longer welcome. Those patients who have left, transferred to other clinics. These boxes will be prepared for the reception of scheduled patients according to their original profile — cardiology.

They studied the recommendations of the Ministry of health, as a treat, turned to the European and Chinese experience. And apply something different when I had to put on feet of seriously ill patients.

Each technique is used by doctors to treat COVID-19, were experimental: from transfusion plasma to the pressure chambers, in medical terminology — hyperbaric oxygenation. Oxygen in a sealed capsule is fed under pressure. In the Center Burnazyan this therapy was tested in mid-April.

“it Began with the fact that we just didn’t know what kind of disease. We tend to think of acute respiratory viral infection diseases mild and seen statistical evidence that the same coronavirus infection in 80% of patients occurs not heavy. First impression was that it’s nothing. But when you encounter real patients, you completely lose the feeling that this is something serious and nothing to worry about. That is no levity in the question COVID infection can not be. This is a serious disease that can protmiss a beat is very difficult and can end fatal,” — said Mikhail Sayanov, head of pulmonology Department, research center named after GNTS of a name of A. I. Burnazyan FMBA of Russia.

hyperbaric Chambers are now used not only for treatment. This is one of the methods of recovery after viral pneumonia. Due to the severe destruction of the lungs person finds it difficult to breathe.

the centre has developed a program of rehabilitation for those who suffered a coronavirus. To recover from illness even more difficult than to recover.

“Shortness of breath worried. It is difficult for them to breathe, they have a violation of breath, the violation of it, the rhythm of breathing. The most important thing — to prevent further development of fibrosis, that is, the connective scar tissue, which prevents the penetration of oxygen in the human body” — explained Svetlana Kolpakova, head of the physiotherapy Department of the fsbi state scientific center named center named after A. I. Burnazyan of FMBA of Russia.

the Course lasts for two weeks are sessions of hyperbaric chambers, breathing exercises. Exercises you can do at home, but better to start under the supervision of physicians.

They count the days for departure. For Anna and Nikolai Stepanovich’s family history. With a happy ending. Wife got sick on April 11. Husband in a few days. The temperature under 40 stayed more than a week. All this time he was on oxygen support. Two weeks lost 12 pounds. The doctors put on his feet. But the old life comes back just now.

Moscow hospitals are also gradually return to their previous rhythm. Hospital named after Mukhina second week laundered. Invited disinfectants from the station.

the General cleaning is only the first step. Make patients will now be under the new rules: a strictly limited number of patients at the appointed time. Before hospitalization — mandatory testing for coronavirus.

“We’re surgeons. Of course, we love our work, love to operate, and we missed our favorite work. We PTSshade glad we finally return to our beloved,” said Gagik Pogosyan, head of the surgical Department of city clinical hospital of a name of Mukhina.

In Russia, the coronavirus has already had more than two hundred thousand people. Almost 450 thousand infected. Doctors davidnyc hospitals wear white coats when discharged the last patient.

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