Sergey Shoigu announced plans of the Ministry of defence next year

one and a half trillion rubles. Approximately the same amount this year the state defense order. Two — thirds will go towards the purchase of new types of weapons. This was stated by Sergei Shoigu at the selector meeting. The defense Minister also announced the results of exercises in the Black sea, which took place the day before.

Powerful. Effective. Samples of modern equipment. Will help counter threats and is guaranteed to deter any aggression against Russia and its allies.

the Ministry of defence will continue to improve the defense capabilities of the armed forces, including through the purchase of modern weapons. For the implementation of the state defense order this year provided nearly half a trillion rubles.

the Level of equipment of the latest models by the end of this year is planned to reach 70 percent. “In the field of logistics required to put into operation about four thousand units of new armored and motor vehicles, 1 700 units of modern missile and artillery weapons. To hold about two hundred and eighty thousand maintenance and repairs, to put the troops over six million tonnes of material resources”, — said Sergey Shoigu.

Continue upgrading the strategic missile forces – the troops will go complexes “avant-garde” and “YARS”. And nuclear forces of sea basing will strengthen the strategic submarines of class “Borey”.

Almost 68% of the funds will go on series procurement of the latest models. 19.4% of budgetary allocations will be spent on modernization, repair and servicing of machinery. Her serviceability will be maintained at 95%. Another important layer future work — the creation of necessary infrastructure, including housing, and improving social guarantees for military personnel. This year it is planned to put into operation 3 200 buildings and structures.

For expenses – establish firm control. Will not forget about innovation. The defense Ministry is expanding the range of research in Technopolis “Era”. The forum’s potential “Army” and the international military games – plan to use the most. As the possibility of cooperation with the Russian Geographical Society. We already know about the 11 joint search expeditions. It will also include projects aimed at the conservation of Arctic ecosystems.

During selector meeting the Minister of defence thanked those who during the holidays was in the line of duty. The contribution of the Russian military in the fight against international terrorism and noted the Supreme commander during his visit to the Syrian Arab Republic. In addition, Sergei Shoigu said during black sea exercise that took place the day before, the staff demonstrated excellent skills. The objectives were met in full.