Son zhvanetskogo beat and robbed students of MGIMO

For assault at a night club on the 24-year-old son of the satirist Mikhail Zhvanetsky detained two young men. The detainees were students of the University of Kazakhstan.

Zhvanetskiy and his friend on the streets of Minsk in Moscow tried to protect her from CADS. And demanded that the young people an apology. But they were attacked and beaten. Dmitry Zhvanetsky got a leg injury, and his friend Philip Ginsburg broke his nose. But the bullies didn’t quit. After the beatings, they decided to improve their financial well-being, and took zhvanetskogo and Ginzburg’s watch and money, reports TASS. The total damage amounted to 13 thousand rubles.

Dmitry and Phillip were hospitalized from the scene. They wrote statements to the police.

against one of the detained criminal case under article 161 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (“Robbery”). The second bully is yet a witness in the case.