Sobyanin: freedom must be used carefully

During a traditional video conference on the TV channel “Russia 24”, the mayor answered the questions of viewers, whether after permission to walk without restrictions is now “to do whatever you want”, and right if those who believe that “all restrictions have been lifted at once”?

Sergei Sobyanin said that freedom should be used with caution and carefully so as not to harm their health and the health of others.

the mayor of the capital, in particular, recommended not to go for a walk in the Park, if there are a lot of people and is not overcrowded. The mayor advised, for the sake of self-preservation to choose another time.

He also said that information about the simultaneous lifting of the restrictions in Moscow untrue — it happens gradually, depending on the dynamics of the pandemic coronavirus.

the Mayor reminded that everything happened gradually: first, on may 12 earned construction and industrial enterprises – this was the first big decision that the city authorities have taken for the removal of restrictive measures. Then went to work hundreds of thousands of people.

When it became clear that there is a positive trend decreases the number of illnesses and hospitalizations, Moscow authorities took a decision to open trade.

“In fact, opened all the shopping centers, enterprises of everyday life,” said the mayor. Then a decision was made about the possibility of walking in accordance with the schedule.

this time it took more than 10 days, and on June 9 the Moscow authorities took a decision to cancel admissions and schedule of walks.

“We did not say that everything opened up. We told how it would gradually be revealed: from the 16th to the 23rd (of June)… Mass events in General suffered in July. All this stretched for at least two months, not one”, — said Sergey Sobyanin.

Earlier, the mayor of Moscow reported that since June 16 to open the museums, galleries, zoos and summer terrace, as from 23 June to resume work fitness center. In addition, it will be possible to use until closed all city infrastructure: shops, pavilions, playgrounds and sports grounds.