Solov'ev reacted to the news about Sobchak in the monastery

Unacceptable called the attack on the crew of Ksenia Sobchak in the monastery, the head of the Russian Union of journalists Vladimir Solovyov.

however, he noted that monasteries and other such “closed” establishments, journalists need special permission, so the situation requires clarification.

“it is not clear whether worked this group as the media or personal blog. However, treat people who are performing their professional duties, of course, impossible”, — quotes the words of Solovyov RIA Novosti.

He suggested that the collision happened because of a special permit for the group Sobchak was not.

for its part, the diocese to which the monastery, said that from the first day asked journalists not to escalate the situation. There expressed the hope that the situation will be dealt with law enforcement agencies journalists after the attack filed a police report.

Previously Ksenia Sobchak announced that she and her crew were attacked in the convent where she was collecting material for the investigation of chiyoumen Sergius, is prohibited in the service after the statements about the “pseudopodia” coronavirus, and the beating in the monastery of children. Currently, the Abbot is under the ecclesiastical court. In addition, he opened an administrative case scheduled on July 7.