SUV Ephraim seized for examination after the accident

to Establish all the circumstances of the tragic accident with the participation of Michael Ephraim will be experts. The car of the actor is already in the interior Ministry.

the Jeep Grand Cherokee, at the wheel which Mikhail Efremov made a fatal accident in Smolensk square, is kept in the employee Parking lot of the Department of internal Affairs of Moscow CAO. About it reports TV channel “Russia 1”.

to find Out all the details and circumstances of the accident are specialists within technical expertise. “It is standard practice, the car after an accident withdrawn for technical expertise”, — says the correspondent.

After a head-on collision with a delivery van on the Lada Granta, the entire front part of the SUV Jeep was damaged and the geometry of the body and the chassis broken. In insurance companies after this collision the car is usually written off in total.

From hitting the car worked front airbags, which, unfortunately, was not in the second car, whose driver died.

After the accident against Mikhail Efremov opened a criminal case, and the actor himself is under house arrest.

Text: Avtovesti