Sverdlovchane massively rid manual the rats, which were received in the New year

Yekaterinburg Tomasetti sounding the alarm: in a short time on the streets can be hundreds of fancy rats. From rodents, symbols of the new 2020, get rid of their own owners. Six-month Husky rat so called because of the color of quietly playing in the hands of a volunteer. Although the previous owners had complained of his aggressiveness and eve passed the pet to the shelter.

“It’s terrible. There even brought potholders, said that the only tack we can take that rat that she is so aggressive that her finger could move in the lattice is impossible,” said STRC “Ural” volunteer Stanislav Silin.

During the first week of January in Ekaterinburg rehab for rats in addition Husky has two new guest. They are all Christmas gifts that were not needed for the owners immediately after the feast. Now the objectors to the shelter units, but in February, when the holidays are over and the euphoria of the holidays will be here waiting serious replenishment. Volunteers tell us, first living gifts, the owners are trying to sell through the “Avito”. If buyers are, at best rodents surrender to a shelter in the worst – carried to the garbage chute and container locations. And for fancy rats is a certain death.

“rats are not accustomed to look for food, do not know how to get water, do not know how to defend. That is, they are defenseless on the street. The male is generally not the slightest chance, males will immediately eat you, tear,” explains the owner of the rehabilitation shelter for rats Anastasia Shadrina.

Such a fate waited and Maximilian. The rodent was thrown into the entrance. A few days later the animal was trying to survive in the stairwell. The baby was rescued by Eugene, but the tailed beasts, it seems, is still under a lot of stress. “He is terrified of bright light, he is frightened of sharp sounds, especially sudden sounds and unfamiliar smells,” – says a resident of Yekaterinburg Evgeny Shibanov.

Gizuna Eugene decided to leave at home. Other objectors have yet to attach. Usually the rehab takes place hundreds of them. Look a gift rat in the mouth, checking the health, and again accustom to the hands. To a scared animal could give to a new home.

Text: STRC “Ural”