In Kurgan explained how blind people got overdue Christmas kits

In social networks and mass media of the Mound a storm of indignation when pictures and reports that visually-impaired persons got the Christmas gift sets that were expired products: candy, croissants, juice and energy drink.

this was reported by relatives of the members of this society, writes local portal

Soon the situation became interested glavnoe UPRAVLENIE soczashhity Kurgan region. It noted that the products for gifts were provided by the sponsor, who has already helped this society, and informed of such unpleasant incidents was not.

In the management of social protection of the region promised to investigate and punish those responsible.

Later, Alexey Yakimov — the owner of the company that have provided these gift sets, assured that “the gifts were formed from the quality products with the normal shelf-life”.

“Perhaps there is a mistake in the warehouse could confuse the box” he said, adding that it was “really uncomfortable” and apologized to the members of the society of the visually impaired.

According to him, “if error occurred, it was unintentional”.

Since the main activity of the company connected with the food trade, theoretically at its warehouses could appear debited the goods that inadvertently got in the gifts, said Yakimov.

He assured that the company which helps to this society, would like to continue to do charity work, and pledged to strengthen internal control, to prevent similar incidents.