Tatiana Ovsienko admitted that he said to the beloved on a date in jail

the TV channel “Russia 1”, Tatiana Ovsienko, many of the songs performed which popular a quarter of a century, admits: in 40 years it seemed that befell her love had ended.

Then she divorced her famous producer Vladimir Dubovitskii, which helped her to start a solo career after “Mirage”, and with whom they lived for 18 years.

“Just a man in love, – said Tatiana quietly now.

However, it was not easy to start life with a clean slate – she was one of “father and mother” for the son of Igor.

five hours a day had lost then Tatiana at the gym, to forget, because he understood that we must continue to live.

the Singer says the word “depression” doesn’t see believes that “it’s all in the head.”

But it turned out that life was preparing Tatiana big surprise – acquaintance with the man, the love of which was able to overcome and deception, and misunderstanding, and condemnation of others, and trial and has four years of separation.

the fact that her beloved was arrested, and, on heavy paper, Ovsiyenko learned suddenly: it turned out he was from Tatiana had hidden much.

However she went out on dates, wrote letters and did everything to get him out of jail.

On rare occasions, says Tatiana, she told him: “I think you’re here, happier than I out there on the loose”.

which article were beloved singer? Where and who introduced them?

That went to Tatyana Ovsienko after her divorce from Dubovitskii, and that ties her to the actor Valerie Nikolayev?

What a gift she gave to her beloved in jail, and what happens in the singer’s life today?

this Tatyana Ovsienko says in the program “the Destiny of man with the YouTube Korchevnikov” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

In the previous release of the program, she recalled the beginning of his career in “the Mirage”, a situation WHYes, miraculously survived, and the salvation of his adopted son.