The age of marriage plan to adjust

Russia may reduce the age of marriage, now the Ministry of justice is working on relevant amendments to the Russian legislation – they are included in the plan of legislative activities of the Cabinet of Ministers for the year 2020. Changes can relate to the article 13 of the Family code and article 26 of the Federal law “On acts of civil status”.

In some regions of the Russian Federation the age of consent to marriage differs from the age of majority. In the presence of certain conditions (the list shall be approved by local legislative bodies) are allowed to marry 16, or even 14 years. But a unified approach to establishing the circumstances in which it is possible to reduce the age of marriage, in family law yet.

For consideration in the State Duma a bill may arrive in early 2021.

Earlier, UNICEF (children’s Fund at the United Nations) continues to insist on limiting the age of entry into marriage for 18 years all over the world. Foundation specialists believe that once married, girls are forced to drop out of school and can’t get even primary education, which later leads to their social exclusion.