The average salary in Russia will grow on 10 thousand roubles

the Average salary in Russia is expected to rise over 3 years on 10 thousand rubles, with an expected 47,531 thousand ruble in 2020 to 57,675 thousand in 2023, according to a draft budget of the social insurance Fund for the next three years.

According to the latest statistics, the average monthly accrued wages of employees of organizations in April 2020 made 49,306 thousand rubles, and compared with the corresponding period of the previous year increased by 1.0% (in January-April 2020 was an increase of 6.7%).

In the economy were limited, but the salary in crisis April rose. Deputy Director of the Institute of labor Vladimir Smirnov commented Вестям.Ru about this.

the average gross wage is determined statistically that is wages, which are formed in the real sector, the public sector and public administration. The total number of workers whose conditions of work have changed in the smaller side, was about 5 per cent of formally employed citizens. Most of the employees received regular salaries regardless of whether they worked online or in the holidays.

the nominal average monthly wage in 2020 is projected to be $ 47,531 thousand rubles, 2021 – 51,066 thousand in 2022 – 54,131 thousand rubles, in 2023 – 57,675 thousand rubles, RIA Novosti quoted the draft budget of the social insurance Fund.

the people of Russia are oriented on a salary in the amount of 74 thousand rubles. per month, according to a study of portal “”.

According to the Ministry of economic development, this year, real disposable incomes will decline by 3.8%, however, in the following expected growth of 2.8%. National economic recovery plan focused on GDP growth not less than 2.5% by the end of 2021, the reduction of unemployment to 5% and the increase in real incomes. The plan is scheduled to begin in July. It contains about 500 toonkretnyh events, and the cost of its implementation about two years will be about 5 trillion rubles.