The battle for children: ex-wife Zaytsev defending each other's daughters

the Ex-wife of hockey player Nikita Zaitsev, who in December won a court for custody of their young daughters, still children and have not seen. Girls parents of her ex-husband, and she’s not even open the door. She complains to the police and in custody, but the other side also goes on the offensive and accuses her selfish intentions.

Nikita Zaitsev are not wanted by the police. Looking for his ex-wife. Margarita hockey player is not needed, only common children — Sophia and Faith.

“we Can say that children become the subject of blackmail? — Well, how else to call it? Of course, you can,” answers Margaret gotovtseva, the former wife of Nikita Zaitsev.

I Wrote a statement about the kidnapping. But the athlete, the children were not kidnapped. He took them — the father has the right. At the address of residence where Margaret is also some time lived, the girls are gone.

Margarita now often comes to this house. But the parents of the hockey player did not open the door. Ex-daughter-in-law came not to the court. To meet her they don’t want. Her meetings with children — under the ban.

Today Rita is not herself: no makeup, a shapeless jacket, with a look of sadness on her face.

“Open the door, please, I want to make sure I lived here before, where my children are. — The door I can’t open it. — There are my children!” — a woman tries to see the kids.

building Guard calls another guard.

“there’s no threat there. No one breaks” – reports on the radio of the guard.

Nikita Zaitsev now in Canada. The father of a hockey player last time I interviewed a month ago. In family discord, and this Apple is the price of three million rubles a month. So many asked Rita for the children.

“People are not accustomed to work or to study. Had direct access to the money, Nikita it never restricted, spending as much as they wanted. And after such a life, need to continue to live,” — said Igor Zaitsev, fromEC hockey player.

a Beautiful life in the past. Instead of buying a luxury home — a rented apartment. Cribs for growth. Some dresses, still with labels. And the kitchen, where Rita is lost.

“Everything has been psacharopoulos. So they loved me all sorts of things, dried zucchini,” says gotovtseva.

She now puts in, the social network the most tender moments from the past: a caring mother and a lovely daughter. Hits — thousands. When laid out Breakfast, this popularity was not.

“I spent all my time with children. And there I am with them in training went for a manicure I went with them,” says a young woman.

Margaret sympathize. Ex-wife Kerzhakov football player of Milan Tyulpanov offered to help. She went through a difficult divorce, the son shared: “most of the athletes alleges that the mother of the dangerous mentally ill. The biggest reason is the alimony and the revenge of women.”

the Lawyer Zhorin often bred such pairs. Sure public people often manipulate children. For athletes it is a competition for wives is a guarantee of stable life.

“moms Often put on the communication of children and some financial contributions. That is, the more daddy wants to talk with the children, the more money it needs to pay for their upkeep. It so happens that dad didn’t want kids, but he wants to pick them up to avoid the obligation to pay child support,” — said Sergey Zhorin, a lawyer.

“Nikita don’t want kids. It is quite obvious. And who needs kids? — I think that children are necessary to nobody. You need a budget just to keep in the family,” says gotovtseva.

In late December, the court left the children with a Margarita. But in force the decision of not yet — Nikita Zaitsev it appeals. He’s from the sport and play are not used.