The bill

on 16 June in the state Duma will be introduced a bill the “United Russia” about working remotely. A document entitled “On amendments to the Labour code of the Russian Federation”, contains proposals for system processing rules remote operation, the availability of their applications and the possibility to combine office and remote working.

Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Andrey Turchak said that the amendments to the Labour code was drafted more than a year. On the one hand, information technologies are changing the labour market and create new forms of employment, he said. Because of the coronavirus COVID-19 remote work has become an integral part of life, reminds RIA Novosti. On the other hand, the legislation is changing so quickly, and that there are “legal gaps”.

to protect the rights of workers, need appropriate amendments. For example, the law needs to be provided for the full payment and enough time to rest, said the first Deputy head of “United Russia” in the state Duma Andrey Isaev. He also noted that it is necessary to resolve the issues of temporary transfer of workers to “udalenka” and the ability of the combined work partially in the office and partly from home. Also, the bill considers the question of simplifying the workflow between the employee and the employer.

On the main aspects of the document will be discussed at the online briefing “United Russia”, which will be held on Tuesday, June 16.