The Caspian Airlines aircraft was rolled out on the highway after landing in Iran

the aircraft of the airline Caspian Airlines with 135 passengers on Board skidded off the runway while landing at the airport of the Iranian city of Bandar Mahshar and stopped in the middle of the roadway, according to the Agency IRNA. The evacuation was a vehicle captured on video.

the Incident, according to the managing Director of airports of the Khuzestan province, happened at about 07:50 a.m. Monday due to technical problems with the chassis. According to others, the crew with a serious delay came in for a landing, so EN route from Tehran to the liner did not have enough space to stop.

the footage from the scene shows that the aircraft rolled out on passing near the airport highway and blocked several lanes. Has done without victims and serious consequences — all the passengers left the plane. The reasons of state of emergency experts now understand.