The woman forbade physicians to treat emaciated daughter because of religious motives

In Omsk, the woman was refused treatment 14-year-old daughter who weighs 25 pounds. Your decision mother explained distrust of medical personnel, as well as religious motives.

according to the Prosecutor’s office of Omsk region in the office of health care has received information about violation of rights and legitimate interests of minors. The mother refused medical surveillance and examinations of his daughter.

At the age of 14 the girl’s weight was only 25 kilograms. She was in the hospital due to protein-energy malnutrition.

the Mother of the minor refused her admission to the gastroenterology Department, and did not let home doctors. In December 2019, with the assistance of the police, the girl was taken to the hospital, but the woman refused to conduct diagnostic examinations, treatment necessary to save the life of his daughter. The mother signed a written waiver, because it did not trust the doctors.

Medical Commission came to the conclusion according to which denial of women from medical intervention threatens the life and health of her daughter. The Prosecutor’s office of Omsk has addressed in court with the requirement to declare illegal the refusal of the mother, and to allow the hospital to perform the necessary treatment of the girl.

Omsk court granted the Prosecutor’s demands. As a result, the minor was hospitalized in a healthcare institution.

As reported “Interfax”, referring to the Prosecutor’s office, the actions women have been conditioned by religious motives.