The coronavirus can infiltrate the thyroid gland and cause its inflammation

Italian doctors have reported the first case of thyroiditis — inflammation of the thyroid gland, which was provoked by the penetration into it of coronavirus.

It was discovered by 18-year-old girl. This case is described in a specialized medical journal.

“Doctors should be aware that coronavirus infection can manifest itself, and thus,” said the Professor of the University of Pisa Francesco Latrofa.

Almost from the first days after the outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan, China, scientists know that it affects not only the cells of the lungs, but can also invade other tissues of the body, including within the nasal mucosa, blood vessels, heart, esophagus, and other organs.

this feature of the virus, as scientists now suggest, can explain the reasons why many cases of Kovalam suffer not only from disorders in the respiratory system, but also lose the sense of smell, have problems with digestion and malfunctions of the circulatory system, reports TASS.

And now, studying the medical history of 18-year-old girl who addressed to doctors with complaints of pain in the neck and throat, rapid heartbeat and high fever, it was discovered that these symptoms appeared in a patient after she had coronavirus infection.

After an ultrasound of her thyroid, the doctors discovered that she suffered from inflammation of the thyroid gland moderate. And, before her problems with the thyroid gland was not.

Thus, scientists have established a link between she appeared thyroiditis and transferred coronavirus infection.