The Democrats had a Trump funeral service

In the United States began the second, most important stage of procedure of impeachment of the President. Democratic congressmen gave the accusations against trump in the Senate. The intelligence Committee of the Congress got dirt on the President of the United States from doing business in Ukraine businessman Lev Parnas. A new phase of war with the White house, the Democrats decided to turn the show.

Send the articles of impeachment from the lower house of Congress at the top — it’s a ritual. First, the documents were signed by the speaker Nancy Pelosi. She used several pens, which were immediately distributed to the heads of the committees who participated in the hearings.

the Following solemn procession (consisting of the bailiff of Congress, as well as specially appointed managers of impeachment that prosecutors will present the charges) through the rotunda marched to the Senate. There they were waited already by the head of the Republican majority Mitch McConnell.

“I am sure that senators will be able to overshadow the inter-party struggle and make a decision that will serve the long-term interests of our country,” said Senator of Congress from the Republican party Mitch McConnell.

to Push interparty struggle on the second plan did not work during the voting on the candidates of the managers. All without surprises. As the main Pelosi suggested the head of the intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff and the head of the legal Committee, Jerry Nadler. The voting was as strictly by the parties. 228 vs. 193 for Democrats. One of them, however, voted against it. Announcing the results, speaker of the lower house of the us Congress nor the place dragged Russia.

“we are Talking about the United States Constitution, and Trump and Putin ought to know the American voter. American citizens decide who will be our President, not Putin and Russia,” said Pelosi.

Now I understand. The Democrats are not just pulled with the transfer of the articles of impeachment to the Senate. During the pause, collected the new dirt on trump. Two flash knockitulah Schiff on the eve sent the Nadler, providing a package cover letter.

“These documents, along with those that were recently published in accordance with the law “On freedom of information”, indicate that there is more evidence of the intent of the President, but they were deposited directly by the head of state. New evidence confirms what was already known: the President and his supporters put pressure on Ukrainian officials so that they announced the beginning of the politically favorable for the President of investigations.”

this, of course, about the collection of dirt on potentially main rival trump in future elections Joe Biden through his son, hunter, who was employed in the Ukrainian company Burisma. In the opinion of the Democrats in the collection of this dirt and nothing else, and was the mission trunovskogo lawyer Rudolph Giuliani.

Among the documents and sent them Zelensky letter in which he requested a meeting. On may 10, before the inauguration. The most valuable fragments of improvised relate to Giuliani, the Lion of Parnassus. Such as it is in some circles called reshalami. It is the Parnassus, as the person not alien to the Ukrainian realities (originally from Odessa), he conducted an extensive correspondence with Avakov, assistant Zelensky Yermak, the oligarch Kolomoisky and attorney General Lutsenko. The latter was of particular interest. It does not interfere with the US Ambassador in Kiev, Marie Yovanovitch, which Lutsenko has requested to remove in exchange for the investigation of Burisma and its owner Zlochevsky.

Another important piece of evidence from Parnassus Democrats believe spray-painted the leaves of the Vienna hotel “Ritz-Carlton”. The most valuable in the pile of doodles — the phrase “to Convince Zelensky to announce that the deal Biden will be investigated”. Below is listed twice the name “Rudy.” All of this was available to Congress after the Parnassus and the second swindler Igor Fruman after his arrest, agreed to testify.

Apparently not wanting to take the rap for all of them, now with Parnassusagreed on first TV interview. Feeling the taste of blood leading liberal MSNBC Rachel Maddow have not missed your chance. “What, in your opinion, was the greatest lie that you could refute?” she asked.

“what the President trump didn’t know what was going on — said Parnas. President trump knew exactly what was going on. He was aware of all my movements, I wouldn’t have done anything without the consent of Rudy Giuliani or Donald trump. I had no reason and intention of talking with anyone of these officials. And they have no reason to talk to me. Why would the inner circle of the President Zelensky, Minister Avakov or Poroshenko to meet with me? Who am I? Told them to talk to me. This is the secret you’re trying to save. I was in the field, doing their job.”

Parnas talked about the fact that trump knew about them Romanom existence (the US President publicly denied it, even sharing photos) and the fact that he is not just present during telephone conversations in the White house and Giuliani, during which the President of the United States sometimes the cry of frustrated.

“When you said that a President trump knew about your movement and what you are doing, you want specifically to say that trump knew you and Rudy Giuliani worked on this question in Ukraine to hurt the political career of Joe Biden. He knew about this?” — asks the host.

“Yes. It was all about Joe Biden, hunter Biden, and Rudy was a personal question for the Affairs of Manafort, his black accounting. That was another thing that they were doing. But it was not investigating corruption, it was only about Barismo, hunter Biden and Joe Biden” — meets Parnassus.

in Addition to the trump Parnas pointed to the U.S. attorney General Barr and the Vice-President of Pensa. They say, and they were aware of the operation Giuliani on search of Ukrainian dirt on Biden and was involved too. However, trump doesn’t make a mess there.

“Deputy press Secretary of the White house Hogan Gigli to a journalist’s question about whether the President considers it possible to leave the country in Dasa next week, said:

“of Course! While the House of representatives is playing politics and ignoring the interests of the people, the President of trump running.”

In Davos trump will fly out Tuesday. On Tuesday, the impeachment will take the Senate.

Mina called Parnas needed Democrats in order to clear the way to the Senate more meaningful for an American audience witnesses, such as the Secretary of state Pompeo. But against the White house and the Republican majority. Its leader Mitch McConnell still for the quick procedure.