The dog said what the dog hardest to tolerate heat and how to help them

Some Pets are difficult to tolerate hot weather. The head of the Russian kennel Federation (RKF) Vladimir Golubev told dog owners to keep their Pets from overheating.

“Most animals are very hard to tolerate high temperature. Protect your dog from the scorching sun and high physical activity,” said canine Agency city news “Moscow”.

According to him, all the more difficult in the heat has to dogs with obesity and cardiovascular disease, the elderly, and pregnant animals. The puppies also are at risk because they have not fully developed the mechanism of thermoregulation, which protects adult dogs. If we talk about the rocks, the worse the heat transfer of large and giant dogs like the English Mastiff or the Newfoundland.

If the dog often goes to relax on the walk, not responding, barely breathing – she’s probably overheated. A symptom of heat exhaustion are pale mucous membranes of the oral cavity. In this case, the animal should move into the shade, preferably on the ground, wet with cool water, the ears, belly and paw pads dogs and then to go to the vet.

on hot days it is better to avoid long walks with your pet, you can migrate them in the early morning or evening, when it’s not scorching sun. Due to the reduced physical activity of the dog is to cut the ration. You have to keep in a bowl the animal always have fresh water. You can add ice cubes.

the Handler noted that, contrary to our ideas thick coat does not heat the dog, but protects from the heat.

“Wool serves as a temperature regulator, protecting the pet from overheating and hypothermia. So to cut the dog because of the heat categorically it is impossible,” – said Golubev.

Earlier it was reported that heat in the Moscow region and will last until June 12. Temperatures will be above normal in the daytime will reach 30 degrees. However, since Saturday will be cooler, temperatures will return to normal values 10-15 ° C at night and 20-25 during the day.