The elimination of the attacked passers-by near Paris took video

the Witness took video of the elimination armed with a knife men who on Friday afternoon attacked passers-by in the town of Villejuif, which is the southern edge of Paris.

the Incident occurred about two o’clock in the afternoon on 3 January in the alley of the artist Sonia Delaunay. Young man wounded four people, then tried to hide from the police came to the rescue in the supermarket. On the threshold he was shot.

to Save the life of one of the victims, the doctors failed, the state of another is assessed as extremely serious.

#Villejuif: At least three people have been stabbed by a knifeman in Villejuif, south of Paris. The suspect has been shot dead by armed police.

— E. I. N. (@BreakingIEN) January 3, 2020

On the motives of the assailant is not reported.