The fish jumped out of water and stabbed the teenager in the neck

In Indonesia, the fish jumped into the boat and stabbed the neck of the teenager. 16-year-old Muhammad Idul fished in the waters to the South of the country, writes the Mirror. Emerging from the sea garfish plunged their sharp, beak-like jaw in the neck of the young man, and he fell into the water.

the Young man managed to get out on the land to get home with the fish in the neck. He was taken to a nearby hospital, but there was no equipment required for the operation. To help the young fisherman could in the clinic of the city of Makassar.

Doctors assessed the condition of the boys as stable. He is in the hospital and recovering from surgery. Doctors watching him, to exclude the possibility of wound infection.

Long mouth full of sharp teeth is a distinctive feature of the Gar. Another feature is the ability to jump out of the water with a speed of 37 miles (almost 60 kilometers) per hour.