The governors told

took Place, of course, the wonderful Message of the President to the Parliament about urgent change. This, of course, and suggestions on the Constitution, but it is a long-overdue changes in terms of improved living standards.

In particular, since January 1, come into force of the decision on the parent capital. At birth the first-born family will receive 466 thousand, and the second baby — another 150 thousand. Moreover, if the family has a child, after the birth of her second maternity capital should be provided in the new, enlarged size. That is, if to be exact, 616 617 rubles.

As of September 1, this year class teachers will receive from the Federal budget a special fee of not less than 5 thousand rubles. In addition, Putin offered to provide free hot meals to all primary school students. In this case, it is not only figures, no logic.

“I will Not hide, we have a large discussion going on this. And colleagues in General, some don’t mind because their children do not want to support. But saying that it’s not very fair. That and people with decent incomes, and with little income will receive the same support from the state. This, of course, is the logic, it’s true. But there’s also the logic that is characteristic of our society. Everyone should feel equal. Should not parents and children, which is often the current situation is humiliating, to feel like they are even a child can not feed. It seems to me that our society is extremely important. Yes, I say, you know, even in Soviet times, with its broad social program of support of citizens do not have such support. But the disintegration of society then was not like this. I think that this measure will be justified,” — said the head of state.

At the urgent request of the President the tools to seek and the regions themselves: for example, housing for doctors and paramedics, especially in rural areas, villages and small towns. Respondents "Vesti on Saturday” on the sidelines of the Epistles — those new heads of regions from among nominees Putin, whose portraits we presented in our air in recent months. But despite our good acquaintance with them, the question we have asked them a trick: and survives they are then those benefits that they themselves already introduced at the local level?

– with regard to the provision of housing for medical workers, what the President said, it is also of tremendous importance. How to invite people without housing? – said Oleg Kozhemyako, the Governor of the Primorsky region.

And in all regions of one and the same story — from Vladivostok to Murmansk?

– of Course, we adopted an interim solution, due to the fact that we pay for health workers 20 thousand for tenancy and pay extra 10 thousand to the basic salary. And young professionals pay extra money to teachers is 10 thousand for rent, if they come to school, because initially, the base salary is small. But now we have the official opportunity we will definitely reflect in the budget to build service housing, and to provide to medical workers.

– do your budget?

– I think that if the Message was said, then we reflect. And for co-financing we will be happy to go into this program, because construction always brings with it the demographics, and attracting people to places, it has always been in the far East.

– the Parent capital, hot meals in schools, repair of schools and so on and so forth. Themselves would pull such a story?

– This volume, of course not. This is serious money. It is not only just a serious — a serious tool. We are trying some things to do. This year we have introduced hot meals for the poor children, because it’s horrible when some kids sitting at the same table, the other after the other. But all this does not solves the main problem with people’s incomes. Therefore, those initiatives, those decition, which the President announced, they will build in a systematic set of measures, which, of course, I’m sure, will play a plus. Especially regions with a low level of life, — said Andrei Nikitin, Governor of the Novgorod region.

– How’s your Novgorod region?

– Yes.

– anything offered in terms of social policy: maternity capital, and hot food and 5 thousand student leaders. You would have it pulled, even a rich city like St. Petersburg?

– We just pulled, we are already ahead running an errand for the President. And from 1 September 2019 we have a regional allowance for classroom management is here, now. We will continue to increase this allowance, because the President set an additional plank, and said that the Federal center will help us, — said the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

– you have No temptation, since you receive Federal aid, to cancel the regional?

– No, of course not. We made this decision, it will continue to operate, a question in size. Will increase gradually, if the Federal centre will help us. Of course, our regional allowance we leave.

– the Parent capital, hot meals in schools…

– additional Payments to 7 years — said the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton chief Executive officer.

– Repair of schools, payment…

– Yes.

– You be pulled?

– When Vladimir Vladimirovich came to us in October, we told him.

– In such volumes would be pulled?

– We have 300 thousand for the firstborn to be paid. Of course, this payout is regional, it will remain, plus the added Federal.

– That’s the philosophy that the classroom teacher is the tutor, — the Governor of the Murmansk region Andrey Chibis.

– at the Federal level?

– Yes, that is a policy decision.

– Plus 5 thousand rubles, if I remember correctly?

– And we even your money will add, because for us it is crucial to support teachers. In current situation more important than ever that they are educated, they carried values, not just giving knowledge.

– a Very serious support. We see that it is very much in demand. A separate subject on health care was made, for she sounded very important, — said Vasily Orlov, the Governor of the Amur region.

– You can pull or need Federal support?

– of Course, need the support, but if we want quick results, we need Federal funds. These topics are indeed very important, no doubt about it.

– Those problems about which the President said, we understand, known, we have them in the opportunities of their budget is solved, — said Evgeny Kuyvashev, Governor of Sverdlovsk region.

– And now the budget will be different?

– Certainly.

– C the middle of last year we already pay extra money to mothers who are raising children from eighteen months to three years, and now we were given the opportunity to pay up to 7 years. Thus, we now derive all families where at least one child, because of the poverty line. And last year we took all the seniors out of poverty — said Valery Limarenko, the Governor of the Sakhalin region.

– Even you, such a rich region as Sakhalin’t be pulled, probably all of what the President said, if not for the promised support of the Federal budget?

– Absolutely correct.

– What did not was the President of social Affairs: and hot meals to everyone, and maternity capital, and student leaders 5 thousand. The regions themselves that would pull?

‘ of Course not. The President instructed the government to allocate the money, and the dividends in the first place, probably, will go to governors, oddly enough, because we ourselves would never have been able free diet to make children in elementary school. Also we are talking about the support of mnogoetnich families. This is a huge sum, they reach for us, — said the Governor of Krasnodar Krai Veniamin Kondratiev.

– For the region all this is very important. The region grows 90 thousand a year, and we need to hurry and schools, build kindergartens, — said Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov.

Yes, you have the demographic growth like nowhere else.

– of Course, and fertility is also know need maximum support. So what is the parent capital, we, therefore, its measures will take.

– Do not be pulled? That is, in this case, the support of the Federal government in principle?

– No, this year we at the birth of every child was given some sort of support set, but the amount that we heard today, is completely different.

– we Have in Dagestan with fertility is better than in Russia. This would be the birth rate in Russia would be possible not to worry. But there is an important point: what then? Nursery. Theme. Just starting. Kindergartens, schools is also not finished. A lot of what we do, — said Vladimir Vasilyev, the head of Dagestan.

– Probably the Republic their strength is not enough?

Not enough.

– it requires a Federal aid?

– Help. Thank you very much.