The man asked the court to conduct a duel with samurai swords with his wife, to settle a dispute

the 40-year-old resident of Kansas David Sharp is engaged in litigation with his wife. Couple tries to settle disputes over children and property taxes. At one meeting, the man asked the court for permission to spend with his wife, a duel with swords to settle differences.

About an unusual request of American, The Guardian reports. The man even filed a formal petition with the request. Acute has led to the argument that trial by combat was never banned or restricted on the territory of States.

American even asked that he be given twelve weeks. The man believes that that’s how much time he will need to find good samurai swords to duel with. As a noble gesture Acute allowed to participate in a fight not of his wife, and her lawyer. The lawyer, in turn, did not appreciate this desire and asked the judge to dismiss the petition. The lawyer believes that the duel can result in death, and it’s worse than proceedings about taxes and custody matters.

the judge listened to the arguments of the parties and postponed the decision, arguing that the court violated the regulations.