The Minister of education of the Russian Federation Olga Vasilyeva visited the new kindergarten and school in Staritsa district

kindergartens and schools with the latest technology emerging in the regions. New companies in Staritsa district during a working trip was visited by the Minister of education of the Russian Federation and the head of the region.

On the swing five-year-old Glory fits even lying down. Loved the new slide, sandbox and the machine — now is where to play with friends. Here and is home of the new kindergarten to leave does not want. “Already took the child out of kindergarten, and he’s still walking on the Playground. From kindergarten, I loved it. Bright, beautiful, bright, warm”, — said Olga Zyryanova, grandma Glory.

a Lot of toys, books, sports and music halls for kids in the “Caramel” has it all. A new kindergarten in the Bayou just a few days, his discoveries were waiting for the whole city. “In the short term, for six months, built this wonderful building. Bright, modern. We have 8 groups, and it 150 children,” said Marina Zhuravleva, head of MBDOU “Detskiy sad № 2, Oxbow lakes”.

Modern kindergartens and schools appear in the village. New facilities built in the framework of national projects and territory development of small historic cities.

New equipment, furniture and spacious rooms — all this more than a year ago appeared in Stepuryne village, Staritsky district. Here he built a school for 150 pupils. It meets all modern standards.

Now in a brand new gym to play basketball, in the modern offices of the labor to sew a dress or to make furniture. The cafeteria and the school Museum dedicated to the history Stepurinskaya rural settlement, located in the new building. Its construction was temporarily suspended, but was resumed in 2017 at the initiative of the head region.

the New school and kindergarten has provided 300 places for children and employed adult residents of Staritsky district, inform “to Conduct Tver”.

and Solve the problem with the staff. In the country just started the program “rural teacher.” It will allow teachers who decide to come to small towns and villages, to a million rubles.

Text: GTRK “Tver”