Faster and more convenient: between Moscow and Mytischi are allowed an additional train

the Big premiere in Yaroslavl direction of Moscow Railways: today, traffic was launched on the fifth main way from Moscow to Mytischi. Now passengers will be transported daily to 27 additional commuter trains.

the Fifth additional way from Mytischi to Moscow is the site is 18 km away. All trains that go on new paths, advanced stop platform Severyanin. Passengers do not need to go to Yaroslavl station to take the metro. Directly from platform for convenient transport, not going outside, you can get to the station Rostokino CIP.

Trains arrive every few minutes. 27 additional trains, 6 of which are multiples allowed between Moscow and stations Mytishchi, Bolshevo, Monino, Pushkino and Sergiev Posad.

Many of the passengers remember back in the summer waiting for the trains for an hour and could not leave. Now in the past. To get to Moscow and back to the residents of the suburban cities have become faster and more convenient.

– the Platform is very comfortable, everything here is landscaped.

– Go every day and, of course, much easier to ride on these platforms. Train travel constantly, it is also pleasing.

This is the most popular commuter destination. A day in Yaroslavl ways are 500 trains and dozens of long-distance trains.

“it Was serious work, built more than 46 km. Was the work done on construction and reconstruction of artificial structures. Only on this site the work was done in the last two years and made a great groundwork for 2020”, — said Mikhail Glazkov, head of the Moscow railway — branch of JSC “Russian Railways”.

Already built 6 new passenger platforms, 8 railway bridges and overpasses and 2 pedestrian bridges and 2 tunnels.

Before the end of this year the railroad plans to launch the movement on additional ways of Mytishchi to Pushkino and Bolshevo to Mytishchi. So trains, tth including during peak hours, going more. For passengers it’s not just numbers. They will save not only time but also nerves. Today in trains has become easier.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”