The mother of the newborn girl persuaded her husband to get rid of the baby

Girl, on the doorstep of the clinic in Yurga, was born at home. The child’s mother persuaded her husband to get rid of her daughter, and tossed the newborn to the doors of medical institutions.

currently, in fact the incident a criminal case under article 125 of the Russian Criminal code (leaving in danger), reported on the website of the Moi in the Kemerovo region. The maximum punishment under this article — imprisonment for one year.

the Parents of the abandoned girl was a 32-year-old local woman and her 26-year-old husband. The woman was not in the clinic on account of pregnancy. To get rid of the baby the couple wanted, because raising a child was not in their plans.

currently, the newborn is in a medical facility, her life is not in danger.

Earlier in the Kuzbass on the verge of clinic a watchman found the girl that was thrown by an unknown man. Surveillance cameras allowed to record the time of the crime.