The murder of 9-year-old Lisa: new details of high-profile cases

Michael Tulatin accused of killing nine-year-old Lisa in Saratov, will answer before the law for another crime against a child. The investigative Committee revealed new details of the sensational case. As it turned out, Tomatin didn’t just kill the girl, and made over her sexual acts.

October 9, 2019 at about 7:40 the offender saw Lisa heading to school, approached her, grabbed his hands behind his neck and moved to an abandoned garage. There’s a man threw the baby on the floor and holding committed rape. The girl tried to get out and screaming. Fearing that her cries would hear, Tomatin first hand, and then a metal wire was strangled lease.

After a horrific crime, the malefactor tried to hide the traces made and moved his body in a nearby abandoned garage. There he lowered the corpse of the child in the cellar, then fled the scene.

Now Tomatino accused of committing crimes under two articles of the Criminal code in which it is not only about killing but also about the actions of a sexual nature. It is known that the man was already judged earlier for Commission of several serious crimes.

the Brutal murder of nine-year-old Lisa has caused a wide public resonance. Residents of Saratov even wanted to personally deal with the offender.