The national project

In recent years, much effort was thrown into the fight against the spread of coronavirus. However, the challenges of national projects has not been canceled. It concerns and health.

the Latest computer x-ray tomography. The radiation exposure is minimal, it allows to study up to 40 patients a day. Sverdlovsk oncologic dispensary got a unit of the national project “Health”.

“This scanner allows you to quickly conduct research of all systems in Oncology. To angiography, which will subsequently be used to identify vessels that are suitable to the tumor,” says head of the Department of radiology of the Sverdlovsk regional Oncology dispensary Yevgeniy Babinov.

Instead of analog images to digital, the quality of the research, including due to the technology of tomosynthesis, almost perfect. Another apparatus obtained in the national project “Health” is a high — tech mammography complex.

“the Most important advantage of this device is that with its help we can conduct a biopsy of formations that are only visible on mammography that are not visible on ultrasound. On this model we can investigate to obtain histological material,” says radiologist Sverdlovsk regional Oncology dispensary Greek Spring.

Nizhnevartovsk. The perinatal center. Here, too, the updates. The institution received low dose rentgenotomograficheskie digital camera and three steam sterilizer. Previously, patients were sent for diagnosis to another hospital. Now even the service is not.

“the stamps had to wait a few weeks, it is now resolved within one working week,” says senior nurse of the radiology Department of the Nizhnevartovsk regional clinical perinatal center Elena Litvinova.

Khanka, Khasan, Terneisky areas — in Primorye one after the other in the national project “Health” will open new midwifery units. For example, in the village of Filippovka.

Modular first-aid station. Everything needed for primary care — clinics the medical assistant, examination, gynecology, treatment. The program is extensive — only in the coming year, according to the principle of co-financing in Primorye will build a dozen new medical centres.

“this year, we opened 15 rural health posts, and open in the most remote areas. For the first time, in particular, in the village of Samarga, which never had FAP, it’s taiga Terneisky district. We will do everything so that the points were equipped with modern systems, including digitization,” said the Governor of Primorsky Krai Oleg Kozhemyako.

“Such a device we first appeared. To determine the level of cholesterol. The physician in the office to determine the cholesterol level of any patient.”

And cardiometry, generic styling, oxygen inhalers, blood pressure monitors, pulse oximeters — head nurse Shelabolikhinsky CRB Nina Gordimova shows the equipment for the new hospital.

“All of these devices are designed for new construction Kiprinskoe outpatient clinics. Very happy that we got this equipment,” says chief nurse Shelabolikhinskiy CRB Nina Gordimova.

the Village of Kiprino. Altai Krai. Three years ago the local clinic burned down. Since then, local doctors huddle in an adapted room of the kindergarten. According to the national project “Health” it was decided to build a new hospital.

“Work here will doctor therapist, doctor-pediatrician, paramedic, midwife. This is a step forward compared to what was and what is,” — said the chief physician of TSRB Shelabolikhinskiy Alexander Kireev.

In the village of Krasny Bor, Yaroslavl region the new clinic is already accepting its first patients. Equipped therapy Department, soon organize reception and specialists.

“Permanent admission will conduct two doctors-a pediatrician, two General practitioners. In the long term — reception of the neurologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist, ultrasound also the organization” — explains the Deputy chief physician on polyclinic work of the Yaroslavl CRB Artem Anglican.

Despite the pandemic, the national project “Health” is gaining momentum. If in 2020 in the regions of Russia will work more than a thousand mobile systems and built 350 FAPs and outpatient clinics, by 2024-mu — one and a half thousand health posts, 1300 of mobile medical complexes, and 40 children’s hospitals. Special attention natsproekta — remote and rural areas.