The new Segway you can sit comfortably

the Company Segway, known for automatically balancing individual vehicles, presented at CES the most advanced from the point of view of user comfort model – Segway’s-Pod.

By design, the device looks like a flying chair, which moves on a spaceship-the ark plump descendants of the people in the cartoon “Wall-e”. “Driver” controls the movement with a simple joystick placed on the right armrest in addition to tilts in four directions he perceives turns of the handle.

the Manufacturer claims that the product can reach the speed of 24 mph (38 km/h). To warn others about the maneuvers, to the edge of the chair mounted illuminated strip, flashing on the side where the S-Pod.

sales of the most comfortable in the world of gyrometer should begin in the second half of 2020-th year. Most likely, the first buyers will be amusement parks and other corporate customers and individual customers of the S-Pod will be offered later. The price of the Segway (the company belongs to the Chinese Ninebot) is not open.

Text: To.Hi-tech