Citizens have been able to use the nine-euro ticket since the beginning of the month. Now there are first evaluations of how the offer is accepted. According to an internal list of Deutsche Bahn, which is available to the “Spiegel”, the number of passengers in regional and S-Bahn has increased by around 25 percent compared to the previous month.

In contrast to long-distance transport, the level of regional transport has not yet fully recovered despite the relaxation of the corona rules. Before the pandemic, 15 percent more travelers used the regional trains offered by Deutsche Bahn.

In relation to the load before the pandemic, which was around 5.4 million rail passengers in regional transport and the S-Bahn, ten percent more passengers are on the road. Deutsche Bahn is satisfied with this result. “The nine-euro ticket leads to more traffic, as desired by the federal government,” said a spokesman for “Spiegel”.

The number of carriages rose by around 30 percent over the pre-Corona level at peak times over the long Whitsun weekend. According to Bahn, this is “usual and expected”. The focus was “on tourist traffic”. According to a Bahn spokesman, there were only isolated partial clearances and evictions during the peak utilization periods. The internal statistics show a value of 0.1 percent of all journeys where the trains were so overcrowded that people had to get off. There can be no question of a large-scale train chaos as a result of the 9-euro ticket.