The point of the world: what failed to agree on talks on Libya

In Moscow held crucial talks on peace in Libya. In the Russian capital suddenly came the protagonists of the Libyan armed conflict. Is the head of the national consensus government of Libya Faiz Sarraj, commander of the Libyan national army, Khalifa Haftar.

the document has Already been agreed on a cease-fire in Libya, this was announced by Sergei Lavrov. Briefing of foreign Ministers of Russia and Turkey — became the organizers of this meeting — waited for almost 8 hours.

so Many cars in the yard of the diplomatic mansion, but still with a black-and-white, war rooms — a clear sign of important events. In the reception house of Russian foreign Ministry, the fate of Libya. The mediators — Russia and Turkey. The Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs of the two countries meet for the first.

While working the cameras, Lavrov and Shoigu as true diplomat and a soldier, silent. Journalists only get to see on the table there is another plaque and it says “Libya”. And the foreign Ministry confirmed the leader of the Libyan national consensus government Faiz Sarraj and his opponent, field Marshal Khalifa Haftar here. Here in the pictures, leaked to the media, the latter welcomes Sergey Lavrov.

And then start negotiations that have no deadline.

In Libya for more than a day as a truce. But the shots continued. Blame the party of course each other. The arrival in Moscow for Caraga and the Haftarot is a chance on paper to consolidate the agreement and to clearly define who, where and when to withdraw and to monitor the cease-fire.

Politicians talking about 8 hours straight. Before the press conference even had a Russian flag to replace to the shades of red on both flags coincide. And it was not in vain. The result is achieved.

“We can report that some progress has been made and Mr. Sarraj and Chairman of the Supreme state Council, Mr al-Misri signed it. Marshal Haftarot and Mr. Salex review the paper positively and asked for time until the morning of the next day”, — said Sergey Lavrov, Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia.

the Idea of Saivism the truce first appeared on 8 January. It was voiced by Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a meeting in Istanbul.

About the need to cease fire, the Russian President said during the Moscow talks with Angela Merkel. And now the word has turned into a real document.

“We worked on the document and took note of the compromise provisions that were proposed by Marshal Haftarot. If he signed this document, then as a result of the initiative, which invited the two presidents, we will ensure that Sarraj and the Haftarot will assume the necessary obligations. Continue the ceasefire,” — said the official Chavushoglu, Minister of foreign Affairs of Turkey.

No details of the agreement yet. Details most likely will still be updated. With the document all night will work. But after 9 years of civil war, it is possible to consider a diplomatic victory.

Russia and Turkey remain the main intermediaries in mezhliviysky settlement. The success of the two countries do not leave indifferent and Western States. In Germany, already announced the desire to spend your Libyan summit. But it is clear that dialogue in Berlin will still be based on the agreements reached in Moscow today.