The Russians have called the age of attaining material freedom

the Russians, in their own opinion, reach material freedom in an average of 26 years. These are the results of a study conducted by company “Sberbank life insurance”.

Under the material, financial independence, many mean the age when people begin to make themselves a living.

According to the responses, the assessment of the age of financial independence often affected by two factors. First, age – the younger, the more optimistic. The people under 30 are more optimistic and expect to achieve financial independence at the age of 22. The Russians are 30-40-years expected achievements of this event in 24 years, 40-50 years- at the age of 26, people over 60 years — 27 years.

second, the level of welfare. The “early” assessment of financial independence — 23 — provide the most wealthy Russians. In their opinion, at this age, their income will be sufficient to purchase a house or new home. Others call 28 years old – at that time they will have enough income to buy a car, but not flat. Other respondents called age of financial independence in 26 years – in that time their income will allow to buy major household appliances.

the fastest financial freedom find the residents of Khabarovsk (24.9 years), and later the rest of Rostov-on-don (27.5 years). This reflects the overall regional trend, the earliest age of self-reliance indicate residents of the Far East and Siberia, and most “late” — in the South of Russia (excluding Kaliningrad). In Moscow and St. Petersburg this figure is 26.3 years and 26 years.