The singer Yuri Antonov suffered a complicated knee surgery

the Singer and composer Yuri Antonov had surgery on his knee. It happened before the New year, however, a representative of the artist said about it just now. According to him, the singer is undergoing rehabilitation.

“Yes, the operation was before the New year, the source told RIA Novosti. – Gradually heals, but the process is complicated.”

the spokesman added that the concerts dedicated to the rapid 75th anniversary of the singer will probably have to wait until his complete recovery. Antonov birthday is February 19.

Previously, each of Antonov, the businessman Andrey Kovalev, said “Moskovsky Komsomolets” that the singer was operated in connection with “chronic illness”.

“Small the operation was, but still full rehabilitation yet, my leg hurts”, he said. The other day, Kovalev has visited Antonov and posted to Instagram sharing a photo.

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